A major town located 1 station from Namba in the south downtown area. Flooded with tourists and people, it is worth the walk! Take your time and relax while enjoying delicious "crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside" Okonomiyaki !

From fried shrimp and special pizza to the heavenly one man hot pot. Each menu item is super reasonable and starts from 250 yen. Also recommended is the owner’s preference, a low-bubble draft beer or strong highball!

Lunch for the children or for a late afternoon drink. Even at home you can enjoy Maruya’s Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba. If you can call in advance, you can have it ready to go without having to wait.

Although it is an Okonomiyaki restaurant, if you can make a reservation in advance, we can also prepare a perfect seasonal Pike Sea Eel. We also welcome reservations for special events such as banquets. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

Our menu includes English and Chinese with simple explanations of our food that is easy to understand.


We blend several kinds of local sauces in Osaka, cook with wine and soup stock and finish with an original sauce. An extraordinary taste full of flavor that will leave you speachless. For the dough we use Japanese Yams and grated vegetables for a soft, fluffy texture.
With our popular pig balls, we use "Nichinan Mochi Pork" ※. You can also enjoy the deliciousness and texture of our rare chicken balls. For our beef balls, we use high quality domestic Wagyu beef.
Please eat and compare the taste of each.

Sticky thick noodles with Worcestershire sauce and finished off with tonkatsu sauce. Made in the "Maruya way" the noodles are rarely touched and made to perfection.We use an original sauce that is different than the traditional okonomiyaki sauce.The most popular topping rich in flavor is the fat. Salty, curry flavored fried noodles and baked noodles are also popular.

SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) Pig refers to a pig which has been sterilized in a sterile place, kept healthy by being fed sterilized feed and water and without being touched in order to prevent disease.
SPF pigs raised freely on Nichinan farm in Miyazaki prefecture which is rich in nature. Nichinan Pork received SPF association certification.
The characteristics of this brand of pork requires very sophisticated hygiene control, is a smell-free and boasts a soft meat quality. Pork which pursues safety and security as well as taste.

Okonomiyaki Fried Noldes GRilled Udon

Pork 豚肉¥750
Chiken 鶏肉¥750
Beef 牛肉¥900
Tendon Stew すじこん¥950
Mix(pork,squid,shrimp) ミックス(豚・いか・海老)¥1050
Squid いか¥800
Shrimp 海老¥850
Scallop 貝柱¥950
Oyster (seasonal only) 牡蠣(季)¥950
Sea Mix (scallop,squid, shrimp) 海ミックス(貝柱・いか・海老)¥1100

※You can choose from the soy sauce taste · salty taste · curry taste (Okonomiyaki is excluded)

Green onion okonomiyaki

Sauce flavor・soy sauce ソース味・醤油味   ¥750~

We use domestic green onions
The ingredients are the same as the okonomiyaki menu.


Noodles モダン¥150
Cheese チーズ¥200
Fried egg 目玉焼き¥100
Covered with green onions (recommended) オススメ ネギまみれ¥100
Mochi もち¥150
Oil residue 油かす¥350
Fried noodles wrapped in a thin omelet オムソバ¥200
Bean sprouts もやし¥50

Teppan-yaki a la carte

Potato salt ポテ塩¥300
Squid いか¥750
Shrimp 海老¥850
Scallop 貝柱¥900
Grilled flat pork 豚平焼き¥750
Leek kimchi pork 豚ニラキムチ¥750
Grilled squid legs げそ焼き¥400
Chicken 鶏肉¥600
Oyster (seasonal only) 牡蠣(季)¥900
Seasonal vegetables 季節野菜¥450
Beef ball roll 牛玉巻き¥750
Fried vegetables 野菜炒め¥750


Tavern menu

Rcommended menu

Special Pizza 特製ピザ¥650
Japanese rolled egg omelet だし巻き卵¥250
Grilled beef tendon 牛すじのどて焼き¥300
Shredded squid するめ天¥500
Shredded pork 豚天¥500


Edamame 枝豆¥250
Salted fish guts 塩辛¥250
Cold tofu 冷やっこ¥250
Grilled squid いか焼き¥250
Daily prepared foods 日替惣菜¥250
Authentic roasted dumplings 本格焼きぎょうざ¥300
Kimchi キムチ¥300
Grilled yam 山芋焼き¥300
Grilled chicken and bean sprouts (curry flavor) 鶏のせせりともやし炒め(カレー味)¥450
Grilled chicken with black pepper 鶏の黒コショウ焼き¥450
Today’s seasonal vegetables 本日の季節野菜¥450
Asparagus and bacon stir-fry 生アスパラと角切りベーコンの炒めもの¥450

One dish

Stir-fried cabbage or stir-fried mushroom 脂かすキャベツ炒めorきのこ炒め650円
Pork loin cutlets もち豚ロースカツ¥650
Cheese cutlets チーズトンカツ¥650
Fried Shrimp エビフライ¥650
Grilled ginger pork 豚ショウガ焼¥650
Grilled pork with leek and bean sprouts 豚ニラもやし¥500
Squid Tempura ゲソ天¥500
Lightly deep-fried tofu 揚げだし豆腐¥500
Fried chicken 鶏からあげ¥500
Cod roe potatoes wedges ポテト明太¥500
Large shrimp egg 大海老エッグ¥500
Wieners 粗びきウィンナー¥350
Cream Croquette クリームコロッケ¥350
Mackerel Sushi 鯖キズシ¥350
Grilled chicken gizzards 砂ズリ焼¥350
Baked Chicken Breast 鶏ハラミ焼¥350
Thick Sliced ​Bacon Egg 厚切ベーコンエッグ¥350
2 oden tendon skewers おでんすじ2串¥350
Salmon Ochazuke 鮭茶漬け¥350
Fish cake tempura ちくわ天¥250
Kamaboko with wasabi 板わさ¥250
Japanese sweet potato slices 山芋短冊¥250
Dried fish seasoned with soy sauce and sweet sake みりん干し¥250
Salmon onigiri 鮭おにぎり¥250
3 Oden items (season) おでん3品(季)¥250

Hot pot now available
Starting from a serving for 1 person

Pork hot pot (season) 豚ちり(季)¥950
Chicken hot pot(season) 鶏ちり(季)¥950
Oyster hot pot (season) 牡蠣ちり(季)¥950

Lunch service menu


★The most popular yakisoba set menu
★一番人気 焼きそば定食
★Second most popular okonomiyaki set menu
★二番人気 お好み焼き定食
Fried vegetables set meal 野菜炒め定食¥750
Pan-baked set meal 豚平焼き定食¥750

Limited number of lunch menu

5 meals only
Set meal (dashi roll, grilled fish, small bowl)
5 meals only
Gyouza set meal (dashi roll and small bowls)


Draft beer (medium)
Bottled beer 瓶ビール¥550

Shochu high

Lemon レモン¥450
Lime ライム¥450
Ume Sour 梅サワー¥450
Calpis カルピス¥450


Autogenous aging (wheat)
Autogenous aging (Potato)
good aging

Japanese Sake

Kikumasamune 菊正宗¥350
Cold sake 冷酒¥700


Imported wine half bottle Red and white


Suntory Reserve & Water
High ball (Kaku)

Soft drink

Oolong Tea ウーロン茶¥100
Coca cola コカ・コーラ¥200
Juice ジュース¥200
Calpis カルピス¥200